Kissing the Frog
by Bill Moor

From legendary South Bend Tribune columnist Bill Moor comes KISSING THE FROG, a coming-of-age story told in a nostalgic world you won’t want to leave and filled with characters you’ll never forget.

Like most fifteen-year-old boys, Billy Ray Rogers, known to everyone as Spanky, is trying to figure out life… and girls. It doesn’t help that he’s a 113-pound sophomore and that his step-sister, Wheat, regularly ties him in knots during wrestling practice.

But it’s their close relationship that helps Spanky and Wheat get through high school together, including the rigors of the wrestling season, the pressure of first dates, and even fearful and heroic moments brought about by their own teenage highjinks.

Spanky tells this coming-of-age story while his blended family, his goofy teammates, and a couple of out-of-his-league girls give him plenty of tales to share.

BILL MOOR wrote for The South Bend Tribune for 48 years, mainly as the sports editor and a human-interest columnist. He is an avid volunteer, cyclist, and Cubs fan. He and his wife, Margaret, have three children and eight grandchildren.