How I met my Valentine … after a last-minute decision

In 1976, I finished classes and packed my car for the long trip home to my hometown and a summer job.

A last minute decision, I called my university and asked if the summer internship at the county courthouse in West Chester, Pa., was still available. It was! Why I changed my mind I’ll never know, but I made my way to the courthouse to start working. 

Each office was a stopping point for my mentor to introduce me to the people that I’d be working with all summer. When we stopped at the last office, we walked in and he said, there’s no one here that you need to meet.

I barely heard him because I was looking right at the person who I knew was my soon to be lifelong partner. Tall, thin, feisty, and a funny name….Muffet☘️

The next day we met in the hallway in passing and I asked if she wanted to have lunch together, cheesesteaks! She challenged me to a game of basketball after work. My thoughts were to go easy on her when we played. She crushed me😩

We met in June, engaged in December and married in October. The person that I didn’t need to meet has been my Valentine for 47 years!