Mark and Wendy’s Excellent Adventure: A special time

Editor’s note: Mark Bradford is contributing occasional posts from his diary on traveling the country with his wife Wendy while they rent out their Mishawaka home for six months.

Day 151 of our 190 day sojourn

Thursday, November 23, 2023  —  Homosassa Florida

Happy Thanksgiving.

This will be a short, straight-forward entry

We are lucky enough to be spending Thanksgiving with Wendy’s mom. It is a very special time. 

My job is to make pumpkin pie, which I just popped into the oven. Because there will be only three of us and because Wendy acts like she doesn’t want to eat ever again and with Wendy’s mom being a light eater, I may get to eat 90 percent of it by myself.

This will be so laid back, we will be eating leftover chicken rather than fix the turkey. 

Which is fine with me.

I have been at HUGE family Thanksgiving celebrations and they are great….but they are also exhausting and usually I ended up in a quiet area taking a nap while the extroverts kept the party going. So, having only three people at dinner tomorrow plus the low social expectations should make the day go well.

And, oh yeah, the local golf course is open until noon, and the schedule guy told me the course is wide open (seriously, who deserts their family on Thanksgiving morning?), so it looks like a good beginning to another great day.

I am very thankful for every one of you who read this and forgive my “not so good” ones and also let me know when one touches your heart. 

I think I am the luckiest guy ever,