Getting into the weeds with the name of Reeves

In one of the stops along the way of what I have called my “career,” I served as the Chief of Staff for the Sheriff of Los Angeles County.

Peter J. Pitchess was one of the most successful law enforcement leaders in our country’s history.  A conservative Republican in a liberal Democratic county, he won six elections with vote totals ranging from 69 percent to 88 percent.  He must have done a pretty good job.

Because of him, I became an admirer of the role of the sheriff.  There is much more that can be done to improve law enforcement by imaginative use of sheriff’s departments … but I digress.

The word sheriff is derived from an ancient term from across the ditch.  In Anglo-Saxon times, the reeve (chief) of the Shire (county) was the chief magistrate. Shire-Reeve morphed into sheriff.  Once I learned this, I became lost in reverie as I reviewed all the folks I revered named Reeve/Reeves.

My first favorite Reeves was George.  Never mind that his birth name was different.  George Reeves was Superman, my first superhero.

There’s also an ND connection with George Reeves.  He had an uncredited part (“Distraught Player) in “Knute Rockne, All American.”

George Reeves

Steve Reeves played Hercules and Goliath.  His physique was certainly of Superman quality.

Steve Reeves

Christopher Reeve also played Superman.

Christopher Reeve

In my early (and later) years, following cowboy movies, I noticed a bad guy/thug type named Richard Reeves.  No relation to the others, but also a big brawny fellow.

Richard Reeves

I’m a fan of classic country music.  Nobody had a more beautiful and rich baritone voice than Jim Reeves.  Check out “He’ll have to go” and put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone.  I’m not a sad person, but I love sad country songs of lost love.

Another country singer named Reeves was Del.  Check out his “Girl on the Billboard”, for humor.  

Who is the girl wearing nothing but a smile
And a towel in the picture on the billboard
In the field near the big old highway

I’m also a fan of oldies rock and roll.  Martha Reeves was the lead singer of the Vandellas, of “Dancing in the Street” fame.

Martha Reeves

What NFL fan is not aware of the reputation of Dan Reeves?  Participated in nine Super Bowls.

And, for your younger readers, I should not leave out Keanu Reeves.  I liked him in “Speed”.

Not a bad lineup of Reeves.