It’s a fish-eat-fish world out there

They say a largemouth bass will eat anything that fits in its mouth. Sometimes, even something that doesn’t fit.

When Rylan Jones, of Bremen, went fishing last week at Lake of the Woods he spotted these fish in the water.  He hopped into the shallow area and picked them up. 

It was one largemouth bass trying to eat another.  This was NOT staged, and is NOT animal cruelty.  It’s 100 percent natural wildlife at its strangest.  And it’s not the first time a bass-eat-bass affair has been witnessed.

Largemouth bass, often referred to as bucket-mouths, have a carnivorous appetite and have been known to consume prey half their size. This includes fish, frogs and birds.

Rylan, who is my bonus grandson — he’s the son of my stepson Rick Jones — separated the fish after the photo was taken. They were both living, so he released them and they swam away.

One of them, of course, had revenge on its mind.