Bill Moor’s book is out and about

Hey good readers,

I now have boxes of my new book, “Kissing the Frog,” in my garage and want to get rid of them so I can get my car back in.

Although it will soon be selling on Amazon and through this website, you can go ahead and email me if you are interested in purchasing a copy. It’s $15 if I deliver it to you or $20 if I need to mail it. (I like delivering them as along as you don’t live in North Dakota.)

My book is a coming-of-age story that would probably fall into the young adult category, but I am hoping it has enough nostalgia to interest old folks my age.

Bill Moor’s new novel includes a bit of Bill’s teen years

As it says on the back cover: “Like most 15-year-old boys, Billy Ray Rogers, known to everyone as Spanky, is trying to figure out life … and girls. It doesn’t help that he’s a 113-pound sophomore and that his step-sister, Wheat, regularly ties him up in knots during wrestling practice …

“… But it’s their close relationship that helps Spanky and Wheat get through high school together, including the rigors of wrestling season, the pressure of first dates, and even fearful and heroic moments brought about by their own teenage highjinks.”

OK, OK, it might be fiction but there’s a little bit of my own teenage years and long-ago buddies that creep into the story.

Clay High School is also the setting for part of the book and maybe “Kissing the Frog” will help give this soon-to-be-closed school a final tribute.

I had fun writing this book. Selling it? We’ll see how that goes.



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