I read Bill Moor’s new book and liked it 

As you’ve probably seen by now, esteemed Moorandmore captain Bill Moor is preparing to release his  new book during the next few weeks. As one of a handful of people who’s been able to read advance  copies of the book, I’d like to weigh in and share my opinion about Kissing the Frog before you decide  whether or not to support the project: 

I liked it. 

Kissing the Frog sits in the space somewhere between middle grade and young adult literature, a story  of adolescent relationships, pubescent awkwardness, and a touching, unique family dynamic. The main  character – a sophomore wrestler named Spanky – deals with girl drama, teenage hijinks, a blended  family, and the fact that his stepsister Wheat regularly whips him during wrestling practices. 

Spanky’s a memorable character in a book filled with them. Wheat steals the show on more than one  occasion, the other members of the wrestling team cut their own hilarious moments, and even the  adults in their story take their turns to provide special moments. 

But where Kissing the Frog really shines is in its strong sense of place. The influences of Bill’s own  upbringing are obvious throughout the story, from Coke dates at the Mug and Munchies to hijinks at the  funeral parlor, Bill deals in a living, breathing nostalgia for more than 150 pages. It’s a story set in  modern times – the kids carry cell phones and watch Young Sheldon, for example. But there’s also a  romanticism in the story that harkens to a simpler time. The best moments come whenever we’re  introduced to a setting that somehow straddles 2020 and 1970 all at the same time. 

Kissing the Frog is for anyone who’s ever doubted themselves, who remembers what its like to be  stuffed face-down onto a wrestling mat, for kids in blended families, and for anyone who wants to  escape the loud world of 2023 to disappear for just a little bit into a simpler, quieter, (but not always more peaceful) time. Supporting Bill’s Kickstarter is a great way to support local authors, enjoy a fun  book, and to help provide copies to libraries across St. Joseph County. 

Visit the Kickstarter to support the project and order your book today. >>