Our weather so much better than other places

Dear all,

Have you noticed how, for several years now, there are dire warnings about huge storms coming through our area; ice storms, blizzards, massive rainstorms, flooding and high winds? And have you noticed — at least here in Elkhart — they just don’t seem to appear. A huge blizzard turns out to be 2 inches of snow. A deluge of rain is a pitter patter. A crippling cold front is 15 above.

When you look at the radar weather predictions on TV, they seem to show big blobs of nastiness heading our way from the West, and then, when they get just past South Bend, they seem to split and one part goes north and one goes south, and here in Elkhart nothing much happens.

We don’t get earthquakes here, we’re not running out of water like they are in Arizona and California, tornadoes were here in 1965 but nothing much since, no hurricanes, no out of control forest fires …

Life here is pretty good. So I get annoyed when people complain about the weather. Think it’s cold? Move to Minnesota. Think the storms are bad? Try the Gulf Coast. Earthquakes? Head to California. Forest fires? Try California again, or Colorado. 

There seems to be a cosmic trade-off to a lot of things. Out west there are spectacular scenes So build a $3 million home overlooking them, and watch it burn to the ground. Want the warmth of Florida in the winter? OK, but get ready for hurricanes — one after the other. How about living in the South to avoid winter dragon woes? Notice what’s happening in Texas and the South this year?

And the list of disasters in other places that we just don’t have here goes on and on.

Be thankful for the island of calm and safety in which we live, folks.