Thoughts that consume me

1) Life’s greatest mystery: What goes on between the earlobes of drivers who don’t use their headlights when it’s obviously way past sunset? Or in the midst of a blizzard and especially when their car is white?

2) I’m so glad not to have a snow bet (on who can predict the amount of seasonal inches) with Bill Moor any more.

3) Do humans have the ability to intuit the future? If so, is there something horrible/terrible about to happen?  I say this because it seems a lot of people are so agitated these days that they’ve gone completely off the deep end.

4) Does anyone realize that Donald Trump would be halfway through his second term of office had Joe Biden not “stole” the presidency from him?

5) Am I the real reason why customers at the checkout lane have trouble locating their credit card the second I get in line behind them?

6) Another thought regarding #5: Am I not aware that I died at some time in the past and that I am currently residing in Shopper’s Purgatory as punishment for some nasty sin I committed in some store while I was alive?

7) Will the South Bend Tribune feature a story this year about Polish cooks making jelly-filled doughnuts —  the paczki — prior to Lent, followed by Polish cooks making kielbasa after Lent for Dyngus Day as it has run these feature stories every year since its founding in 1872?

8) Does anyone besides me miss “Winky Dink and You” (a children’s show from 1953 to 1957) and Winky’s dog, Woofer?

9) In regards to the interminable argument whether or not to use a comma — Oxford or otherwise — should I be forgiven for using a comma after mentioning the name of Winky’s dog?

10) Why do some drivers swing left to turn right and not use their turn signals? And why does this agitate me?