Moor or Less: How about some recycled resolutions?

When I was writing regularly for the South Bend Tribune, I always used to share my New Year’s resolutions in an early January column.

I don’t think I accomplished many of them. “Floss more” seemed to be a resolution that got passed on year after year. The same went with “Cut back on carbs” and “Don’t raise your voice when exasperated.”

Bill Moor

Mission not accomplished. I fail at flossing (except right before a dentist’s appointment). I still eat cookies. I often sound like Chris Rock during a lively discussion.

So I gave up on resolutions. 

Then earlier this week, I was cleaning out a desk drawer (probably also a resolution of the past) and found my New Year’s resolutions from 10 years ago.  It was shorter than earlier lists and most of the resolutions didn’t seem impossible. Hmmm.

I may not have accomplished many of them a decade ago, but I could try to recycle those resolutions this year. 

Over the course of this year, I need to get down to 170 pounds … ride my bike 2,000 miles …, do 12 pull-ups (nope, that ain’t happening these days) …  get a novel published (anybody know a literary agent) … have better family communications … not watch TV before 5 p.m. …. chew slower … and keep a list of names of people I meet so I don’t forget them.

We’ll see how it goes with these recycled resolutions.

Over the list, I also had written down “Graciousness over righteousness.” That one I would really like to live up to. I wish we all would.

Okay and I may try to floss more, too.

Below are a few resolutions from some of the regular contributors to

Scott Dunham — I don’t generally make resolutions, at least not formally. The usual thoughts pass through my head, like eat fewer sweets, drink less beer (which is easier in the winter months), hold my tongue in general and especially at my job, and never wear Purdue-branded gear.

Mark Bradford — My resolution is to play less golf and get better at it.

Charlie Spiher — I’m 25 miles south of Tucson, catching UV rays on a chilly day (63℉). If I had any resolution, it would be to not be a jerk by gloating about the weather.

Bill Bilinski — No resolutions — one less thing for me to fail.

Chris Sobieralski — On the resolutions, I usually go with the normal, exercise more, try to live a healthier lifestyle. I am hoping I can finally figure out how this retirement thing will work out on a normal basis.  One of the things I like to do is woodworking. I’m hoping to make enough sawdust to, hopefully, participate in at least one craft show.

Mary Rita Schilke Sill — My New Year’s Resolution? To live boldly — the best life possible

Ken Bradford — As for resolutions, my annual goal is to listen more, especially to people who disagree with me. I rarely learn anything from people who treasure every word I say.

Kirby Sprouls — My resolution? Disagree more often with Bradford.

Thom Villing — How about this? I made a New Year’s resolution not to make New Year’s resolutions. I never keep them anyway.