Life is everything it seems at 70

I’m learning truth at 70

That life is meant for you and me

Not only for those who we can see

who just look better off than me

The cross-sea trips I never took

Not having read the latest book

It seemed that I had missed a lot

At 70, I’m learning truths


Was one of those who wander round

Creating screwups by pound

Thinking something was not right

Thinking that I’m just not tight

While other seemed so happily

I contemplated misery

It wasn’t all it seems, at 70


There came a moment in my life

When my time was filled with strife

And, in a dream I realized

To see that I was who I was was fine

And then and much to my surprise

I rather liked looking in my eyes

To see that I was pretty good,

And I had lived my life the best I could.


It turns out life is not about me

Helping others is the key

Telling them great they are

Telling them they are the star

Instead of making them feel sad

Why not make them feel glad

That suddenly occurred to me

At 70.


So now it is fun to wander around

To sometimes turn things upside down

It’s so much fun for me to see

How happy people can be

I do believe in kingdom come

And really thinks God’s will be done

But now I see god differently

And see that he is inside me


So I play the game, but now I care

I do not treat my friends at all unfair

Instead I try the best I can

To be an honest upright man

And always myself I do forgive

I found that is the best way to live

Life is everything, it seems

At 70.