Inches away from my moving car, this guy didn’t even care

  Here is how it went: I was driving north on Cassopolis Rd., near Simonton Lake. Two guys — buddies —  walked across the four-lane. 

One stopped in the middle; his companion stared straight ahead and kept walking right into the driving lane. Blank stare on his face. No emotion. I swerved. He kept right on walking to the other side. Zero expression.

 Swerving, I missed him maybe 6 or 8 inches. I looked up at my rear view mirror and he survived because there were no other cars behind me. The guy lived. That empty look.   I stared at him face to face inches away.

 That look will always remind me of how so many people have given up on their life. Not a care at all. I still see that look of zoned-out indifference. He avoided suicide this time. His blank face read “Whatever.”

In that frozen moment when I was face to face with the guy, I caught out of the corner of my eye the expression of his buddy who had stopped in the middle of the four-lane to let me pass. Mouth round and wide open. Probably in shock. Perhaps shouting something. I have no idea.

 But he genuinely cared about the life of his companion who didn’t care.